Stylish Designer Craft Products from Sri Lanka

The Island Craft project is a Sri Lankan initiative supporting the local artisans and cottage industries in small villages to keep their crafts alive, while making the artisans sustainable to support their families in the future. The project aims to preserve their heritage crafts which gradually diminish with each new generation.

The initiative was conceptualized by the AOD international Design Campus as part of the academy’s dedicated social mission. AOD continues to support the program by providing design input and making sure product quality is consistent, and meets international standards.

Island Craft produces a unique and contemporary range of handmade home-ware, fashion and accessories; woven in Palmyrah from the North, hand woven on the handloom in the west, brassware from the central hills, batik textiles, exclusive crockery handmade in the South, exquisite hand carved wood and much more. Each Island Craft product encapsulates the unique story of sustainable design and timeless heritage craft.